The Alabama Wildflower Society Blanche E. Dean Scholarship Award

The Blanche E. Dean Scholarship program sponsored by the Alabama Wildflower Society (AWS) honors the late Blanche E. Dean and her contribution to the knowledge and appreciation of the natural history of Alabama.  The program is designed to encourage and support students whose academic pursuits are aligned with the purposes of the society, including (a) collecting, exchanging, and recording information on native plants, (b) preserving and propagating rare native plants and areas of significant interest due to their native flora, and (c) promoting knowledge, appreciation, and use of native plants.  The comprehensive purpose of this scholarship program is to encourage contributions to Alabama like those made by Blanche E. Dean.  The scholarship is usually offered every Fall semester with awards being made in December. See the Guidelines and Application Information attached below or contact the AWS Scholarship Chairperson for more details.

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